1.  biblegateway.com          A searchable on-line internet Bible resource. Read, hear, study scripture in many Bible versions.
2.  netbible.org                    A searchable on-line internet Bible resource. Read, notes, Hebrew, articles, and maps.
3.  thecharaproject.com      Co-founded by three Christian Women - How to Study the Bible - excellent videos.
4.  sermonaudio.com          Audio recording of sermons by Topic, Bible Verse, and Speaker. 
5.  shepherdschapel.com   Pastor Arnold Murray and Pastor Dennis Murray video Bible Study recordings.
6.  blueletterbible.org          Bible search and Bible Study tools. 
7.  johnknoxinstitute.org      Watch, listen and learn. Video Lectures and Systematic Theology and other tools.
8.  theeduringword.com      Free Bible Commentary and video and audio teaching.
9.  desiringgod.org              Articles, messages, books, passages, with Pastor John Piper.
10. lesfeldick.org                Through the Bible with Les Feldick. Video lectures with down loadable transcriptions.
11. ttb.org                           Through the Bible with Dr. J Vernon McGee.
12. davidjeremiah.org        Turning Point Ministries with Dr. David Jeremiah.
13.  billygraham.org           The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.
14.  ptv.org                         Pathway to Victory with Dr. Robert Jeffress.
15.  dts.edu                        Dallas Theological Seminary. Go to Resources for free on-line Bible courses. 
16.  chapter3min.org         Chapter 3 Ministries. Marriage, Apologetics, and Bible Study.
17.  galaxie.com                Galaxie Software Theological Journals and Bible Study Resources.