Mission Statement: By the power of God, we love and sustain each person in the joys and challenges of living, by encouraging spiritual growth and service as revealed through Jesus Christ. 
Church History & Affiliation: Chino Valley Community Church was founded in 1948. This Congregation is non-denominational, with no national or local affiliations.
Covenant: Believing that a common purpose to be Christ-like and to seek Christ’s kingdom is sufficient basis for Christian fellowship, this Church does not impose any creed upon its members. Rather, we covenant with one another in this expression. We heartily accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, and dedicate ourselves to carry on Christ’s ministry and mission in accordance with the Word of God. Trusting in God’s Spirit to confirm and strengthen us in all goodness, we will strive to do God’s Holy Will, and to walk with one another in the love and teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Bibles: Our pew Bibles are New King James version.  You may worship with whatever Bible translation you prefer. 
Worship Music: We sing traditional hymns with piano accompaniment